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Project type: Residential
Project Size:  850 Sq Ft
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Completion Year: 2022

Keeping the focus on subtle look with tinge of modernity and Indianness, The entrance foyer was designed to maintain the glimpse of welcoming calmness for the apartment. The concrete finish on walls for living room are designed to blend seamlessly into the dinning and kitchen area with integrated Puja space. We made it a point to design everything, hence apart from Dining Chairs which were part of material buyout, every item has been designed and executed on site. Woven carpet infused wardrobe shutters adding up the earthy equilibrium to the overall material pallet also supporting the client’s brief point of using local materials. Kid’s bedroom demanded the cheerful play of elements. The highlighted toy showcasing space added up with wardrobe and the study table justifies the overall joyful ambience of the room. The gold flashes and the antic brass finishes were inserted wherever necessary. Every handle for the furniture is made unique and customized as per the spatial aesthetic requirement. Apart from Wardrobes, all the Furniture items are visually designed to match the waist line of the user to not give an overpowering effect in a small space.

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